Fantastic And Amazing Forest Print Magnificent Soop Painted In Madhubani Painting

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Crave for a traditional touch? This Soop is a perfect answer to add a bit of tradition with beautiful Madhibani design in a traditional indian painting. culturally rich madhubani paintaing, hand painted in vibrant colours on a bamboo piece along with the great strok work of the artist which makes this piece of work extremely unique and authentic. this painting brings in the vibrancy and positivity where ever you place it. This is that one old faithful art form that has been a part of Indian heritage from the times immemorial. Own your own Madhubani art merchandise. Beautiful combination of painting and colours, this collection of madhubani painting are sure to add life to your living spaces. Each piece of art is individually hand painted by artist and combine with beautiful piece of bamboo can be hang on wall or use as a table top decorative piece. Designs inspired by Indian traditional folk painting like Madhubani, indian art and street art, makes you feel close to villages, jungle and our roots. Perfect to decorate your spaces and also as a great gift to special ones. The product is upcycled and handcrafted with utmost sincerity and care.


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A pure and original piece of art treat with extra care and handle it properly it's appropriate to hang this on the wall, handle with care and try not to get this dirty from any kind of spot. if dust get on it just do the dusting of the precious painting with clean and dry cotton cloth, keep away from the reach of children, keep away from water. Production Time for this product is 20 days.
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Material Bamboo
Size (inches) 14 X 3 X 17
product_color Coral Pink
Weight (kgs) 0.500000
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