Vastu Tips for Home Decor

According to an ancient saying, each house encompasses energy of people residing in it. But when it comes to shifting to “readymade houses”, one can generate this personal energy through replacing home decor items only, as constructional changes are not possible. So DecorifyLife is here with simple Vastu tips for home decor to match aura of the personalities dwelling in the homes and radiate right energy type.

Vastu Tips for Home Decor

Indoor Plants Vastu Tips for Home

Plants bring a soothing visual appeal and calmness to your abode, besides absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment. As per Vastu, place the planters in the North-East corner of the living room in a neat and clutter-free surrounding to attract positivity.

Bamboo plants are the best inside plants for home decor. Place them at the South-East to attract financial prosperity. Avoid creepers and plants with thorns such as cactus inside the home. You may go ahead with succulent plants that do not bear thrones but appear similar to cactus.Discard decaying and rotting leaves on the plant as soon as you see them. They can be re-used as manure for the plant.

What you plant, so you reap. Therefore, make sure to nurture the indoor plants properly to be surrounded by good health and wealth forever.

Best ceramic pots for vastu tips for home

Lighting Vastu Tips for Home

A very popular Vastu tip for home decor is to keep the inside space amplified lit and repel darkness from every corner of the house. Create a proper balance of light for day time and night time. Doing so will bring a lively and positive feeling to all members living in the home.

Prefer natural light to enter the house from the north-east direction. If that’s not possible, fit more lights in north and east directions.

Paintings Vastu Tips for Home

It is important to select the right theme for a painting. Pastel tones, pleasant scenes such as sunrise and waterfall, birds, flowers, 7 horses, and smiling faces create apt balance in the home and reflect the right kind of thoughts.

Hang these paintings in the North-East zone. One can also place them anywhere in the home other than near the entrance door, location facing kitchen or washroom and on a wall facing another wall.

Vastu for home décor doesn’t favor abstract paintings or the ones that depicting negative theme such as war, arms and ammunition, or pain. Even hanging Ramayana and Mahabharata paintings is not encouraged.

Curtains Vastu Tips for Home

Curtains can transform the look of a home completely. Light colored and sheer fabric curtains are considered more appropriate to allow opulent natural light and absorb negative energies.

The Vastu mentions that Blue color curtains are ideal to placein all types of rooms in a home including living room, kids rooms, and bedrooms. Another Vastu recommended color option for curtains is Green.Always use double-layered curtains.

Deep or dark colors like Red, Black, Brown should not be preferred except living room (and that too if it has a huge space). These colors makes a room look smaller and generate gloomy feelings.

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Mirrors Vastu Tips for Home

Another significant and simple Vastu tip for home decor is related to mirrors. They can ward off evil aura using law of reflection.

Ideally, mirrors should be put on the walls facing North or East direction. Hang mirrors 4-5 feet above the ground level to let enter good vibes only inside your home. Choose square or rectangular shaped mirrors to garner maximum benefits.

As per Vastu, placing mirror inside your cash drawer multiplies wealth.On the other hand, it is inauspicious to place mirrors facing beds. Always get rid of broken mirrors or glasses as soon as possible.

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