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For a house to be called a home, it needs to radiate positive energy. According to the ancient Indian Vastu science, each house comes with its own energy type. A person living in the house comes under the influence of this energy, which in turn influences his life in one way or the other. It’s important to understand the science of Vastu Shastra to bring balance to your home.

DecorifyLife has a few Vastu Shastra tips that you can follow to enhance wealth, health, good luck, and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

According to Vastu Shastra for home, the main entrance to a home is not only an entry point for the family, but also for energy. The main door should always be well lit to welcome peace and stability into the house. Also, place plants and potters and clearly legible nameplate at the entrance to your home.

vastu shastra tips for home

The best direction for a designated mandir/prayer room is the north-east corner, also known as Ishan. It’s the direction where the earth’s powerful magnetic energy is generated. However, if you do not have a designated mandir/prayer room, ensure you face Ishan corner while praying.

White, beige, green or yellow are radiant color options for a designated meditation room or mandir/prayer room. Decorate it with statues and figurines to ensure an abundance of blessings. To attract cosmic energy you can also add fresh flowers, incense sticks, and candles.

vastu shastra tips for home

Place small water objects within the house in the north-east to stimulate money and positive energy flow. An aquarium or a small water fountain can bring financial growth.

Vastu Shastra tips for home

Heavy furniture in the living room should be kept in the west or south-west corner. All electronics and appliances should be inducted/installed in the south-east part of the living room.

vastu shastra tips for home

Choose vibrant color options like yellow, green, orange, rose, chocolate brown or red when painting your kitchen. Storage items should be placed in the south-west corner of the kitchen as it invites good fortune.

vastu shastra tips for home

Planting a lemon tree can cure Vastu dosha. Other indoor plants that bring good luck and prosperity are coconut, pine, and sandalwood.

The holy basil plant, more commonly known as tulsi, emits strong spiritual energy and is thereby pure and auspicious. It should be planted in the east or north-east direction of the home.vastu shastra tips for home

A home office should be set up in the west or south-west corner of the house. Opt for colors such as light yellow, cream, light green, or light gold. A neutral color scheme will increase productivity and profits.

It’s good to follow general Vastu Shastra tips for home, but there’s absolutely no need to panic if some deviations occur.

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