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Seven Trending Gifts for Sister and Brother on Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is just a week away and you haven’t decided what to gift your beloved sister(s). Plus, you really have no idea what is that she likes or needs now. Yes, handing out an envelope filled with cash is a typical end-hour solution to any gifting related dilemma. But what if you can plan out a gift on a generic premise instead of going specific in these wee hours? For instance, something related to accessorize your sister’s room!

While you give a thought upon this theme,we have listed seven fabulous gifting ideas to celebrate the special bond of brothers and sisters and make this festival more memorable.

Big Sister Cushion Cover – ₹603.75

A cushion cover imprinted with beautiful text is a perfect little product to decorate a girl’s room. This pink-coloured pillow with “Big Sister” written with appliqué techniqueis made of cotton.The material will assure maximum softness and comfort to your sister. There are other similar pillows in our online store with sister-friendly texts like #dramequeen, #shopaholic, etc.

Gifts for sister and brother on rakshabandhan

Bedroom Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker – ₹1,090.20

How about gifting an amazing multi-purpose tech product to your sister this Rakhi? Besides illuminating your sister’s room, this portable bedside night lamp is also integrated with a Bluetooth speaker, a microphone and smart touch multi coloured mood light. It also includes a slot for inserting auxiliary jack which can connect to any iPod, MP3 player via 3.5mm audio cable. Moreover, the multi-purpose lamp has an in-built rechargeable battery supporting up to five hours of playtime. So your sister can place this beautiful lamp on the table in her room or carry it anywhere.

Believe & Achieve Curtain – ₹1,732.50

Get this Believe & Achieve Curtain to hang in your sister’s room and bring an everlasting smile on her face. This curtain with awesome motivational quote is made of polyester. There are many other variations of this curtain are available in different sizes. It is an ideal product for home decor.

Handmade Beautiful Glass Planter – ₹1,575.00

This sweet little article hand-crafted out of glass bottle is definitely going to reflect as if you have searched out the entire marketplace while selecting a unique Rakhi gift for your sister. This creative glass showpiece will guarantee you a “Wow!” expression each time your sister and her friends see it. And this gift aligns with the trending theme of present times, that is, “Living Green”. Look for more similar attractive handicraft articles on our website.

Door Story Multipurpose Utility Box – ₹966.00

If none of the mentioned Rakhi gift category seems to work out with the personality of your sister, this handcrafted multipurpose box is undeniably going to resolve all your worries.The Door Story multipurpose utility box can be used to organize your sister’s beauty accessories such as tiny jewellery, keys, hair clips and bands,etc.She can also use this artistic box to store chocolates, dry fruits or related edibles.

Quilled Flower Vase

Quilled Flower Vase – Big – ₹345.45

To give a budget-friendly yet contemporary gift to your sister, do check out this cute-looking series of quilled flower vases. This will add a contrasting drama to her room and attract a lot of envied gazes. These handicraft vases can be used for multiple purposes such like piece of art, floral decor, storage, or table decor.

New Leaf Nut Bowls (6 Bowls) – ₹3,307.50

The vertical standing leaf nut bowl will last as one of those unforgettable and desired gifts to your sister. This centre piece with 6 bowls has an elegant leaf design finished in golden colour. The bowls are made of stainless steel coated with a silver finish. The leaf nut bowl

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