The Timeless Glamour of Cushions

Is your room looking old or unattractive? That can bother anyone because we always consider redecorating a room as a huge project; replacing the couch, buying attractive carpets and repainting. DecorifyLife has good news for you! You can renew the look easily and still open options for changing it every now and then without breaking the bank. This can be done by discovering the timeless glamour of cushions. Here are the ideas of decorating with cushions to spruce up your room in a few minutes.

1) Are your cushions matching with your sofa? That’s a massive waste, if yes

We are not new to having cushions matching with our sofa. They simply blend and look dull with no attraction or any form of creativity. Consider removing them quickly, and make the room lively with excellent colour combination. If your cushions are already different, also you would also need our guide to lift your room. Adding some cushions with varied colours that complement other decorations in your room can be as effective as putting up a new artwork on your walls.

Multi Color Floral Jacquard Cushion Cover (set Of 5)

2) Establish your colour palette

This is very important and determines how good-looking your room would look when you’re done. Choose your colour by observing the colours already in the room. What’s the prominent colour in the wall art sitting close to your sofa? Do you have a blue floor lamp nearby? These are what to consider while compiling your colours. Also, you must be careful about clashing colours. For instance, you may use our Jaipuri handmade kantha cushion covers if your room’s curtain has a combination like our beach view curtain.

3) The room style should dictate the number of cushions to be used

You should use an even number of cushions if you plan to achieve a more traditional look in your room. Choosing two solid square colours such as our moonshine cushion cover is an effective way of achieving this is. Put them at the two edges of your sofa and place two matching patterned cushions in front of the solid ones. It would be best to select an odd number if your room style is eclectic or very modern. Five completely different scatter cushions would be nice for a 3-seater sofa provided they follow your colour palette.

Antique Cushion Cover

4) Try different shapes and texture

Your decoration will be more creative if the cushions are in different shapes and textures. At DecorifyLife, we fancy arrangements with scatter cushions in 2-1-2, with a smaller or different shaped cushion sitting in the middle. Choose two large solid coloured cushions which harmonize the different tones in the room and differently shaped cushions with different patterns but derived from your palette. While the solid ones remain at the ends, the different patterned cushions sit in front, progressing to the middle. Then, complete the arrangement with a small rectangular-shaped cushion in the middle. One of the different ways to decorate with cushions is to introduce a different texture among others.Consider using a solid and neutral color for the odd textured cushion.

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