The Best Diwali Decorating Ideas for Family Homes

It’s daunting to decorate when you have too much on your plate, but it certainly shouldn’t prevent anyone from having a stylish home.

In need of some Diwali decorating ideas? In theory, the art of decorating should be easy to pull off: a hint of traditionally neutral colors, a few pieces of artwork in different undertones, a vase in the strongest contrast somewhere in the corner, and voila, you’re done! But it’s never as simple as it sounds. Especially when you’re decorating to make your home inviting and festive!

Diwali Decorating Ideas: Clean, Light, and Bright!

Diwali Decorating Ideas Home Kid friendlyThe trick to Diwali decorating a family home is not to have any rules. A family-friendly home is the sort of place where you can put your feet on the coffee table and perhaps even sleep on the couch. When designing an Ahmedabad-based apartment for a young family of five, our in-house expert Mona Acharya tried to make everything as beautiful and kids-friendly as she could.

“Everything in the home – the cushions, the rugs and dhurries, the curtains to the ultraplush velvet sofa – can be easily cleaned or washed,” she says. The homeowner has an affinity for traditional handicrafts, so Acharya set the mood for the living room with clever collections to further liven things up. The displays include a series of kids-friendly luxurious materials, like the tall handmade wooden pot or the tinted wooden accents.

Rethink Visual Elements and Texture

When you walk into a home, consider how you’re going to make the elements work together. There needs to be a tranquil, calming effect, to make you want to be there. Much of this is achieved through the interplay of raw materials and the palette. DecorifyLife founder Snehal Rana picked a gray-green color palette for a Mumbai-based homeowner who loves unusually large-scale pieces as accents.

The palette elevates the calming effect and lends a nuanced richness through Rana’s choice of eccentric elements with a sculptural shape or form. “I think it’s important to pick elements from different periods. While period pieces from one era are always sophisticated, often they become impractical because you’re being restrained into balancing the visual idea,” she says. The homes Snehal Rana designs are always unconventional, inviting, and comfortable.

You can never have a surplus of visual elements to make your home Diwali-ready. Everything you do will be beautiful, interactive, and always make the home feel calming and inviting.

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