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Room Decor Ideas for Creating Cozy Spaces

The most favorite corner of a home for everyone – kids, parents, grandparents – is a bedroom. And you will find a plethora of room decor ideas for setting up your most comfortable and relaxing space.

You many look for soft beds,cozy quilt sand layers of pillows for snuggling or shop thick curtains,antique Buddha statue and subtle patterned rug for transforming your bedroom into a tranquil zone.… Read More

Vastu Tips for Home Decor to Attract Good Vibes Only

Implementing genuine Vastu tips for home decor can literally garner happy vibes and positivity at your living space.

According to an ancient saying, each house encompasses energy of people residing in it. But when it comes to shifting to “readymade houses”, one can generate this personal energy through replacing home decor items only, as constructional changes are not possible.… Read More

The Timeless Glamour of Cushions

Is your room looking old or unattractive? That can bother anyone because we always consider redecorating a room as a huge project; replacing the couch, buying attractive carpets and repainting. DecorifyLife has good news for you! You can renew the look easily and still open options for changing it every now and then without breaking the bank.… Read More