Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day By Redecorating Your House

Though you should make your mom feel special and express your gratitude for everything she has done for you every day, on mother’s day, you should be a little extra and shower her with extra love and care. A gift is a nice gesture but as it is very popularly hailed, moms can be difficult to buy for. What all moms love the most is to have her children take some time out for her. So, why not go the extra mile and do something creative this year? Redecorate her house, it will be the best gift for mother’s day.

If you are clueless about how to do that, here are some  mother’s day gifts and home decor tips that you could try.

Lighten up the house!

Lights can transform a room. It fulfills its purpose of illuminating dark corners and along with it, it also gives an illusion of a larger space. It affects moods and makes everything in the space – furniture, walls and people, look a hundred times better. Ditch the old tube light and lighten up her house with a combination of different lights – accent lights, floor lamps, and ceiling lights. Proper staging of lights will create a subtle play of the light and dark that will make a room look dreamy. For extra ambiance, you can add some candles too.

mother's day gift

Don’t leave the walls vacant

Sometimes a handsome wall piece is all you need to add visual interest in a space.  Vibrant wall plates, paintings, a colourful tapestry or a macrame will add a bright punch to a dull wall.  To keep the focus on a single wall, you can paint stencils on it, hang quirky items like medallions, a doily collage, or make a wall mural. If your mom is fond of reading and has a lovely book collection, no gift can be better than adding a nice bookshelf in her house on this mother’s day. Floating shelves, wooden creates, and mountable ledges will make your walls look wonderful and are creative alternatives for the traditional book shelf.

Give the dining table a makeover

At some point, you must have thought about gifting crockery to your mom as a mother’s day gift. Why not put in a little more effort and give the dinner table a makeover? You could change the chairs, replace the old table cloth or add a nice table runner. Try further embellishing it with a nice centerpiece and some matching place-mats.   Replace the old and stodgy kitchenware with prettier ones that have more to them than just being useful, such as a fancy cake stand or colorful  trays and platters.

Decorate it with plants

Plants do a lot more than just bring greenery into your home. When decorated cleverly, flowers and plants can enhance livability and overall aesthetics of the house. You can decorate the house with plants in quirky tabletop planters, macrame holders or in a vertical flower stand.  They will add life to the space without taking much space and are also easy to care for, and hence, they make for the perfect mother’s day gift.

mothers day gift

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