Using Lighting to Style the Coziest and Dreamiest Living Room

dreamiest living roomDon’t we all desire a beautiful decoration when it comes to our living rooms? Usually, before we create the beautiful decors, we already have the furnishing in our heads. But sometimes, it’s unfortunate how we end up not having exactly our imaginations in place when we are done with the decoration as planned. Do you know one good reason why it may be so? Your lighting arrangement! Yes, that’s it! Beauty cannot exist without having a good sight, and without proper light, you will only see less of the beauty in your head after all the decorations in your living room.

Your living room requires the three types of lighting: ambient or general, task and accent lighting. Each of these lighting decors performs a unique role in your living room to accentuate the beauty and cozy nature it deserves. The lightings are to be used at different times of the day. But most times, we combine them to achieve the dream look.

While lighting your living room space, it’s also imperative to take note of the respective activities which would take place at the different spaces in your living room. Of course, the living room is a place for many activities. Therefore, assigning the most suitable lighting at the deserving corners is paramount in creating the coziest and dreamiest living room.

Ambient lightingAmbient lighting

The ambient lighting is the primary source of light to your living room, especially for living rooms without enough natural lights during the day. You will need a more powerful ambient lighting if the entrance of natural light to your living room is less. A chandelier will serve this purpose or any decorative hanging lights with good energy. Your ambient lighting must overwhelm all other light sources to bring out the deserving look. The use of chisel lamp or partly shaded lamps will also serve this purpose uniquely. This is because they provide exclusive distribution of light and will allow you choose shades relative to your decoration respectively. Also, your ambient lighting must be placed in a more central position to serve this purpose.

 floor lampTask lighting

Your living room won’t be convenient if you cannot carry out various tasks necessary at the different spaces anytime. Tasks like reading should be made possible at the convenient spaces anytime you desire. This creates the warmness you desire and the confidence required in your living room. Consider positioning a floor lamp close to the spaces you usually carry out tasks that require lights. You may also place a floor lamp in between two armchairs. This serves as a task lamp even when you are having conversations. It will also serve as a light source at your comfort when you need to glance through a line or two.

Accent lightingAccent lighting

Your décor will go unnoticed if there is no light to enhance its presence. Consider using portable lights such as marble lanterns or mosaic wall lamps for this purpose. While installing your accent lights, ensure they are positioned at angles where all features of your artworks or architectural designs become evident. Your accent lighting should highlight the most attractive objects in your living room, making the entire room attractive while also improving the visual interest. Consider using a white ball table light on stands at excluded parts of your living room or close to your staircase if there’s any available.

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