Room Decor Ideas for Creating Cozy Spaces

The most favorite corner of a home for everyone – kids, parents, grandparents – is a bedroom. And you will find a plethora of room decor ideas for setting up your most comfortable and relaxing space.

You many look for soft beds,cozy quilts and layers of pillows for snuggling or shop thick curtains,antique Buddha statue and subtle patterned rug for transforming your bedroom into a tranquil zone.

Here, rather than going for all in-trend decor ideas, prioritize your personal favourite elements. For example, what would you like to see the first thing after waking up – an abstract themed wall art or a rustic timepiece? Go ahead with a plain wall if you believe in minimalism.

Table lamp with crystal

Read through these simple bedroom decor ideas that will compel you to stay in bed for all day.

Cozy Room Decor Ideas


Dress-up the Core Furniture

Anchor drama to the wooden beds with interesting- patterned bedsheets and bedcovers. The soft linenspread on bed with plenty of pillows placed on it is one and only aspect of the bedroom to pull you towards it. Your bedroom will come alive with this particular décor decision.

Multi-purpose Warm Quilts

With ACs running throughout the year, these colourful quilts fulfill two purposes– one, they instantly heats up the bed and secondly, they can turn into a focal decor item of a bedroom. So,give a contrasting touch or blend these super soft blankets with bedsheet and pillows, try to create a harmonized ensemble.It’s one of the generic room decor ideas and too easy to implement also.

Blankets and quilt for room Decor

Waving Curtains to Add Texture

Though all rooms of a home should have enough exposure to sunlight, layering them with shaded curtains is a way to give texture to the monotonous walls. These curtains transfer intimate and warm feeling to the room and aid to create a private space. A handmade rug will also add similar attractive element to the floors and stay soft on your feet.

Tune the Bedroom with Lights

There are two fundamental themes to be considered while setting up the lights in the bedroom– location of the light and type of light. Ambient lighting obtained from table lamps and floor lamps set up the appropriate mood. Nowadays, you can also buy lights that have customizable settings such as brightness, mood, etc.

Statement Showpiece for Giving Character to Room

The other popular room decor ideas comprise of adding a glam character to each bedroom.  For this, you can shop any home decor item reflecting your interest or profession. There are a slew of such products available in the market such as handcrafted vase, antique wall clock, beautiful tiny planter, brass mirror and many others.

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