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Refreshing New Year’s décor ideas to kickoff on a new note

Begin the year with the refreshing feeling that comes with new decorations by simply making a few touches in your rooms using some of our New Year décor ideas. Of course, the seasons’ compliment says it all and the vibe doesn’t just end at changing those old calendars and diaries. Regardless of how memorable or awkward the passing year was, starting on a new note and refresh feeling has a way of helping you build new positive energies and to accept it’s actually a new start.

You don’t have to worry about a budget. DecorifyLife has some New Year decorations ideas that don’t require you to break the bank. New Year décor ideas do not necessarily mean a total overhaul of your space to get rid of some memories. That can be achieved with just a few additions or changes.

Here is a list of DecorifyLife’s New Year decoration ideas that will positively change the looks of your rooms.

Set up a faux fireplace

Get yourself a new focal point for your living room by sourcing for an antique mantel from a flea market or an architectural salvage shop. Have it mounted on the wall and treat it like as if it’s a real fireplace. You will need to decorate the mantle, add interesting fireplace filler, and arrange your furniture to face the antique mantle.


Reclaim the space in your room

Do you have an empty void or odd corner in your living room? Yes, there is! This is the time to make use it for something appealing. You can make yourself a mini office, game table, party buffet or all in one by simply bring in a set of chairs and a small table to sit in that corner. You can improve the attractiveness by outfitting a bulletin board or a nook with shelves, and a tabletop for extra storage. The use of befitting wall art or frames can serve as the focal point.

Layer a smaller rugs

You will create new dimensions in your room by just layering a smaller rug on top of a larger one. Both rugs will have to present unique messages and of course, blend with your palette. The smaller rug will define the seating group in your living room. It’s a trick that works well mostly if the overlaying rug has an attractive design, such as handmade rugs, while the base rug is solid.

Paint the doors

It’s always fun to paint the front doors with bright colors, not necessarily white. That sets your block apart from other apartments. How about painting all your doors with one unique color? Surely, it will refresh your rooms and provide a new interior look.


Fresh colors from wallpaper

You can go for a sophisticated option for your walls by bringing wallpaper into the spotlight. Wallpaper can work wonders in a boring room with fresh textures, patterns, and colors. Consider wallpapering the back of your bookshelf or just one wall in the room for a small change. Make sure to choose colors that will complement other décors.

Easy change color

This is surely one of our cheap decoration ideas you’ll surely love. It’s quite easy and refreshes instantly. Consider buying varieties of pillow covers and textures for a quick change in your rooms. Make sure the colors are refreshing and match your palette gamut. Sometimes, going off can be rewarding and brings the entirely new look you want.

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