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Give a humble makeover to your home with tea lights and candles

Are you one of those who still wonder what to do with delicate tea lights and candles gifted in the house-warming party?

These tiny tealights could add wonders to your home, if not big but notable and elegant in their own terms. You just need to arrange them in attractive manner and they will instantly transform the entire aesthetic appeal of a room.Tea lights and candles can, in fact, add serenity, peace and relaxation to the ambiance.

Here are few simple tips on how to display these dainty decor products – tea lights and candles – in interesting styles and give a graceful makeover to your homes.

Best Ways To Makeover Your Home With Tea Lights and Candles


Cluster Tea Lights on a Plate

It’s the most simple, affordable and yet exquisite home decor idea. Group several tea light holders on a plain or decorative tray and place them on a centre table top. However, be careful if you have kids or pets roaming in the house.

You can also place a wired basket with three votive candle stand available in bright colors such as Red, Blue and Yellow and light them to glow your house with rich colors.

Candle stand and scented candles and tea light

Scented Glass Candles

Line-up multiple scented glass candles on a window sill and let the breeze fill your home interior with sweet aroma. Try to use candles of same smell instead of mixing up two or more aromas at one go. You may also stack these scented candles against a wall in a room or bathroom or on stairs.

These glass candles are available in a range of colors and fragrance starting from Bergamot & Geranium Scent, Blue Lavender scent, and White Jasmine scent to Green & Red Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scent, White Egyptian Cotton Scented and many more.

If not glass candles, you may otherwise buy scented candle pillars set on a woody patchouli base and create a mesmerizing aura.

Statement Candle Holder

It’s interesting how a single statement candle holder can bring such a drastic makeover to your home interiors.Get this handcrafted Coffee Table kettle shaped Candle holder with a rustic look to your Tea party and within no time, it will become the central topic of discussion among your friends. Okay, this centre piece article stands out even without candle in it, so you can place this candle holder as a showpiece too.

Kettle shapped candle holder

Hanging Candle Light Holders

Hang series of tea light holders as chandeliers reflecting soft light in the room or exteriors. These lantern tea light candle holders appear sophisticated in modern times as well as flash back to historical era, when there were no electricity.

Wall Mounted Tea Light & Candle Holders

Enhance the beauty of your living space by mounting the Tree with Bird Nest Votive Candle Stand Yellow on any side of the wall or, in fact, at the entrance of your home.This tea light masterpiece mirrors opulent image and can single-handedly turn up into a centre of attraction, leaving the beauty of the rest of home decor articles way behind.

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