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Light Up Your Freedom with These Beautiful Home Decor Ideas

With the 72nd Independence Day round the corner, we can feel the patriotic vibes everywhere. But, instead of celebrating a particular day, we tend to reproduce this feeling of free choice more through our thought process, expressions and lifestyle at all times. Something, this is reflected even in the home decor ideas we incline towards..

This year, let us try to reflect this independent identity with home products surrounding us. We have picked out a set of exemplary home decor ideas that symbolize your individual freedom preferences.

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Glazed Ceramic Tricolor Table Top Planter

Independence day Home Decor Ideas


1. Antique Silver Coated 11″ Jar With Pearl Neck And Dangler – ₹1470

Glow up your beautiful abode with this Antique Silver Coated Jar.Spread the brightness of nature in the form of colourful flowers and branches with the candle bulb lit inside the jar. Enjoy this mesmerizing view at your favorite corner in the home and gift yourself a freedom to smile. A pearl neck with dangling pearls at the neck of the silver jar is just there to give a touch of opulence to this classic article.

2. Decorative Hanging Lamp- Bamboo Wings – ₹1472

Wings – the most used metaphor term or image for expressing “out of the cage” feeling. Hang this decorative lamp with bamboo wings anywhere inside/outside your home and turn that location into a stylish, Instagram-perfect spot. This gorgeous artifact is handmade with traditional materials and yet giving a contemporary look, all thanks to its winged-silhouette.

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3. Terracotta Handmade & Hand-painted Indian Traditional Tea Cups (Set of 3) – ₹ 642

The earthenware cups rightly convey that connect with Indian roots. These terracotta handmade and hand-painted set of tea cups are by far the best possessions to celebrate the richness of our culture with family and friends in a conventional manner. This utility set of tea cups is painted with the regional design pattern of India.

4. Kilim Rug – Dhurrie 3 × 5 Ft – ₹1,134.00

Give a traditional touch to your living space with Kilim Rug or Dhurrie, it’s a perfect home decor idea. This kilim rug is made of wool and rug. It is handmade by finest artisan community of India who are facing a threat of extinction in the world of synthetic and ready-made.Grab this traditional rug to beautify your drawing rooms and encourage these exceptional hand skilled creations.

5. Radha Krishna Colourful Painting – ₹518.70

Wall paintings offer a characterisation to our residential zones. The Radha Krishna painting is a reminiscent symbol of India’s mythological era. The learning from this is equally relevant in today’s times.This colourful wall painting is one of its own kinds and appears nostalgic every time one sees it.

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