Importance of Paintings in your House as per Vastu Shastra

Paintings evoke emotions and feelings, along with beautifying your home decor. They add character to your house and define a space. When we enter a room, our eyes instantly go to a dominant piece of painting hanging in that space. Paintings have the power to attract and inspire. As a focal point, a painting also becomes the subject of many conversations. Good paintings, undoubtedly bring questions about its creator, meaning or origin.

Paintings have an important place in Vastu Shastra. It is said that the paintings you hang in your house affect your family life, career, and overall emotional state. The benefits of paintings as per Vastu lie in their ability to harmonize the five elements of Vastu – Earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Paintings of natural elements – rivers, sun, mountains, etc. help in evoking your Earth chakra. They build a connection with nature and spread positivity in your surroundings. The benefits of paintings as per Vastu are best realized when the energy of each zone is evoked. Typically, wall art of earth elements should be hung in the east or south-east zone of your house. Paintings of running horses, smiling people, a beautiful sunrise or flowers, bring positivity and happiness.  Family photos should also be hung on a wall located in the east zone of your house and god paintings should be hung on a wall facing north-east.

Horse paintings for home represent perseverance, victory, and hard work. A painting of running horses will evoke the drive and enthusiasm to keep going forward in life and career. It is advised that such a painting be hung in the study or living area and not in the bedroom. The painting should contain horses in odd numbers.

A painting of flowing water in the north or north-east direction will aid your financial and educational progress. As this zone governs tranquility, soothing paintings like that of a flowing river or ocean will bring stability and calmness to your mind.  To evoke the air or wind chakra, hang paintings of green landscapes, swaying trees or flying birds in this zone. The south zone is associated with victory. The display of certificates, graduation ceremonies, trophies or medals, should be ideally done in this zone.

Paintings in the bedroom should always depict love and togetherness. Paintings of a pair of birds should be ideal for a wall in the bedroom. It’s not advised to hang paintings of wild animals in the bedroom. Also, to be avoided are bright colors that make the mind restless.

You should avoid hanging paintings that depict any negative emotions or feelings anywhere in the house. Paintings for home shouldn’t depict sadness, hopelessness, or anger. Such paintings bring bad luck and health as per Vastu experts. To evoke the fire element of Vastu, a painting of a sunrise is a good option. Fire should never be the sole focal point of any painting in your house. It can be combined with other elements such as water or sky.

Though modern and abstract art have widespread acceptance in home decor today, Vastu says that paintings that confuse or have no meaning shouldn’t be a part of your house. They are best left at an art gallery. Another modern trend of home decor is to hang many paintings and frames together. Clutter negatively affects the peace of mind.

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