Idols and Figurines for Home Decor

Decorating with idols & figurines can be symbolic, even as it provides a unique palette blending in your home. Albeit in many cases, figurines for home decor are just complementary to balance the energy in a living space. Whether you are using idols and figurine for home decor to attract good luck, show perseverance or strength, faith, lifestyle or just to augment a finishing, there are simple ways to enhance the quality you desire. Sometimes, you may have a limited space to deploy your decorating ideas. We know all that at DecorifyLife and our ideas for decorating idols & figurines cover varied purposes and budgets.

Best Idols and Figurines for home decor

Showcase a collection

During the sweet summer months, when your fireplace goes unlit, you can change the energy in your room by utilizing your fireplace as your collection lounge. Consider displaying various idols & figurines there alongside other objects such as those beautiful vases. You will love it most saying in a simple palette to blend with the low light the corner always have and also if your objects are of varying heights and shapes. That will be lovely!

Create a Side Table

The essence is to create surfaces for displaying and lighting in your living space. Stack modular storage to make a stepped side table, this will create miniature cubbies where your idols & figurines can sit comfortably and still attract mild attention. We considered stacking reading materials at most corners to mix the feeling at every glance. Our baby Buddha idol may be symbolic here, mostly as a sign of growth while also blending with the theme.

Baby Buddha Idols and Figurines for home decor

Integrate your hanging Plates

While you are considering not stacking those beautiful Chinese plates in your cabin. They can bring a refreshing arrangement on your wall and as well as idols & figurines that can be hanged. This home decor provides a lot of change in every room. Since the objects would be of varying hues, textures and sizes, you are sure to create a magnificent theme that can go with other home decors. Consider placing the most dramatic idol or figurine towards the center and try creating a boundary with similar plates.


Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is another means of adding personality and color. Aside from displaying your art collection, photographs and some idols & figurines by hanging, you can ornate your tapestry by installing shelves to decorate your objects in a confined array. This option has a bonus: moving the idols & figurines to different positions are easier. Consider building the hanging shelf in different steps and at positions where they easily steal attention. The floating shelves may also be used to display other items aside from figurines.


Inject personality at the center

You can build up the energetic hues in your living space by including a bold figurine on your center table. We noticed it was classic when the object color is completely outside your palette, such as our magic horse showpiece which depicts strength at the center of your sofa where you relax.

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