How to Decorate with Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are one of the most valuable decorative elements at homes, offices and sometimes on the streets. Although they are generally for the purpose of keeping time, clocks are also elements to illustrative themes and outstanding works of art. In every ambiance wall clocks are used to demonstrate unique setting. There are distinctive ways in which one can decorate with wall clocks in premises for the purpose of timekeeping and glamorous look.

How to Decorate with Wall Clocks

Some clocks are quite simple-looking, with its figures clearly written like the modern papier-mache wall clock, or our peacock kudan wall clock; both depicting a class and yet simple. Some are quite large and continental, while others offer an opportunity to display tradition, culture and artistry such as our craftszilla paper handcrafted design wall clock. With the complexities, it could be tricky at times to choose the perfect designs that would compliment your environment and personality. However, these are guidelines on how to decorate with wall clocks will give you a tasteful decoration any time in varied locations.

3D wall clocks on plain walls of the living room

When it comes to living rooms in this modern age,it’s all about huge decorative 3D wall clocks on sparsely decorated setting or preferably plain walls with so much space around. This can also be created using personalized illustrations like tiny framed pictures. Using clocks in this way draws attention, making it a point of interest. Colourful pieces such as our quilling design wall clock should resonate with the general interior decor and not be independent of it.

Quilling design wall clock decorate with

Make the kid’s room educative

Kid’s room decorations can range from educative timepieces like the teaching clocks to the illustrative pieces like a personalized schedule clock that tells the kids what to do or expect at a particular time. You can also decide to make it a fun time with the DIY clocks that are put together by the kids or just make go simple with a cartoon design wall clock for a home feeling.Our house design wall clock will also set a good theme in your kid’s room.

Noisy eyes in the halls

Halls here refers to your lobby theater or auditorium or any large room. Large area or auditoriums are usually personalized with meaningful pieces, which would resonate with the theme of the environment like our star design wall clock.You should consider going for something large to augment the theme. Unlike the rooms where round-faced clocks with simple design are spectacular, something really bold and artistic is required such as our Chakra timepiece.

Modern Wall Clock

Steal the staircase with artistry

Your staircase should be ready to create imaginations and that can be achieved with an artistic element like our barasingha wall clock. Remember to stay off multi-colored pieces. In most cases big clocks do not look great except when the general theme is marbled. A wooden wall clock will also support the team especially if supported by accent lighting.

Compliment the office mood

Choosing a time piece for an office can be trickier than most others because it has to be something that brings the required working mood such as tools.Our woodino wooden sword wall clock is a good element and mood setter. You can also choose from the traditional wall clocks that can be of any shape or size but mostly round with light designs or square with dark tones.

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