How to Host a Romantic Dinner Party

Many of us are guilty of not having a romantic dinner party with our partners for a really long time now. We know all the excuses you have, they are not new. The important things will always come first, that’s how we prioritize. It’s wrong to place your relationship or marriage at the edge, even if it’s going so sweet at the moment. Romantic dinner parties are special moments; not just for the newly wedded. Love is not seasonal; it hangs on at all time and should be ignited frequently.

If your creativity has gone rusty, it’d be difficult to establish how to host a romantic dinner party, considering your schedule and that of your partner. From setting up your beautiful candle lights to choosing a well-designed tablecloth, we at DecorifyLife got your back on this one. And we are ready to put you through with every step on how to host a romantic dinner party successfully.

Now let’s get to work.

1) A romantic dinner party is exclusively for you and your partner. If you have children, plan for a babysitter somewhere else that’s not home.

2) You have a choice of making it a surprise romantic dinner. Consider lighting beautiful candles at the entrance of your home if you plan to make it a surprise, otherwise, notify your partner with a self-written note.

3) To make your table attractive, you should use a well-designed tablecloth, beautiful dinnerware, scented candles such as our Green and Red Eucalyptus, and cloth napkins that can fold or roll easily. Also, consider placing a flower bunch using classic flower vase. Our leaf designed red & pink stripes table mats will provide a gorgeous look on your table.

Classic Flower Vase Scented Candles Wax Candle

4) Don’t leave your table dry or decorated with familiar objects. Sprinkle it with rose petals and set floating candles in handmade glass bottle tumblers filled with a favourite juice. It could be cranberry (your choice). If you’re cool with beginning the party outdoor or your balcony, ensure that your table is not sitting on a bare floor. You can bring a warm feeling by placing it on a handmade flat woven rug.

5) Make a choice of simple romantic dinner menu and appetizers. Ensure that your choice of meal makes your partner’s list of favourite menu, don’t experiment a new recipe this time. You may also order from restaurants. But ensure to transfer the menu to an attractive serving tray and well-designed platters such as our leaf shaped platters.

6) Choose the music that should play in the background ahead of time. It must be sometime soft and romantic to draw beautiful pictures in your minds.

7) Consider placing accent lantern in your dining room to provide mild lighting even when the candles are gone. Yes, blown off. Our vintage mosaic lantern will provide a great look and atmosphere.

Vintage Mosaic Lantern

8) Turn off all sources of distractions such as the television and computers. You may also need to place your mobile phones on silence for the moment.

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