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Home decor items and ideas to brighten up your house this Easter

The dinner table is the main attraction on an Easter Sunday for it houses a variety of scrumptious dishes and smiling people enjoying their Easter meal. Hence, it goes without saying that your table setting calls for creativity and special decoration to match with the festivity of the Easter Sunday. Easter marks the beginning of a new and colorful season. So for Easter decoration, think floral tones, pastel colors, and home decor items that capture the cheerfulness of Easter. Below are some Easter home decor ideas that will certainly make your holiday more cheerful!

Make your table accessories vibrant

While the Easter eggs and bunny themed table decoration is good, it has been going on for a very long time. Why not throw in some colorful table mats, cloths and serviettes to make the scene brighter. If you have the time, you can also fold your napkins into little bunnies or swans. However, you also don’t want to hurt your guest’s eyes with loud colors juxtaposed to look like pixelated colors on a static screen. The trick is to decide on a color combination, and arranging your crockery and table accessories according to it. A palette of soft pastel colors mixed with one bright color or an arrangement of double monochrome, should do the job.

candle on table

Get creative with your centerpiece

If you want to ditch the centerpiece filled with Easter eggs and go in a different direction, consider putting candles or other decorative items in its place. Candles will not take up much space on the table; will light up your area and also make it smell nice if you pick scented ones. You can include items like quirky salt and pepper shakers, napkin rings or coasters to add whimsy to the table.

glass cake stand

Mix your china with quirky home decor items

You can embellish your tablescape by combining your regular white china with decorative items that double as crockery. A very smart way to decorate your table while managing space is to use a cake stand as a center piece. Place a beautiful cake, pie or tart in a glass cake stand and it will be a treat to both the eyes and stomach. Same goes with filling a handsome bowl with colorful candies and using it as a center piece.

Bring nature to your table

Use natural elements to decorate your dining area. Wreathes made with fresh flowers, wheat grass in trays, bright carrots in jars, egg candles, there are many ways in which you can make decorate home decor items with natural elements. Burlaps creatively tied around chairs or napkins and flowers wrapped in jute twines are good options for those who want a rustic feel to their decor.  If you are looking for something more permanent than decoration meant solely for Easter, you can invest in new cushions, sofa throws or carpets.

All of the above-mentioned ideas can be put together very easily. You can take the DIY route if that’s what you fancy, otherwise, you can easily find Easter home decor items online and arrange them tastefully to reflect your Easter cheer.

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