Four Easy Door Decor ideas you’ll like

The pleasure of getting home begins at your front door. That reignites all the indoor qualities you’ve missed while away if you’ve got an appealing door decor. At the same time, door decor says a lot about one’s personality to the visitors. It can present a huge welcome note before the interior keynotes. And we can’t spend fortunes all the time to beautify our door when there are easy door decor ideas readily available.

A special door decoration will not only express your personality but provide a glimpse of how organized you are and your decorating skills. You don’t have to believe that all homes were decorated by experts or very creative homeowners. DecorifyLife has inspired many on various decorating tips to maintain good-looking homes and still doing more.

Four Easy Door Decor Ideas from DecorifyLife

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Big letter monogram

The use of big letter monogram on the front door has for some time existed as door decor trend. While many homes have lost the trend, we have identified it as one of the top door decor ideas that everyone loves intuitively. For the decoration, you can easily find big letters at craft stores around you. Ensure to give it a background, perhaps with packed faux flowers and lines of torans. Consider using a welcome door hanging just below the monogram to improve the decor quality. And for the big letter to choose, most people would prefer to pay homage to their family name in the most creative way.

Flower basket front door decor

This is one of the easiest door decor ideas anyone can think of. You only need a wall pocket planter to hold a few bunches of colorful flowers. The choice is clearly yours to make here; select some of your prettiest flowers with their leaves and branches to retain its freshness and attraction. If you won’t have time to be changing the flowers every now and then, consider using faux flowers to maintain the beauty throughout the year without additional efforts from you. Do the hanging at the center of your door and spread the flowers accordingly in the most attractive sense.

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Romantic lights

Your door may not necessarily require any form of dressing to create beautiful attention. Consider using romantic lights just in front of your door, at both sides. That will illuminate the walkway and also offer a slight visibility of other decor items within your door such as floor pots and vases. A beautiful candle holder may also serve this purpose if you have plans to use candles, but this requires your attention always.

Semi-symmetry decoration

Semi-symmetry is a way of raising questions and providing answers at the same time using decorations. This could be achieved by placing an accent light on one side of your door, ignoring the other side. But on the floor on both sides, place two identical flower pots, and plant flowers of the same specie and arrangement. You must maintain the flowers the same way to ensure they continue to look very much alike. A creative wall hanging will also be amazing on your door.

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