Five Artful Takes On Wall Decor

Five Artful Takes On Wall Decor
Art collections should always hold the credit for transforming your wall space into the beautiful outlook you desire. But the pattern of display or placement holds more credit in bringing out all the qualities expected.
Whether you are placing a contemporary wall art, photographs or wall stickers, there is always a special layout that complements the style and size of your collection. Some artful arrangements will enhance the quality of the wall decors, while others will portray a message from the collection.

This article will provide inspiration and ideas on how best to present those beautiful wall décors. From your fanciful wall clocks to those attractive abstract paintings, there are unique and artful ways to have them in your wall space.

Asymmetric PlacementAsymmetric Placement
This artful display is the best when you have a group of collections that share a common element. The similarity in the collections may be the color scheme or subject matter. It is the best display to adopt when you have a set of 3-art painting. In an asymmetric display, the largest print could either be at the edges (if they are two) or at the middle as depicted in our 3-set floral wall painting.

Grid PlacementGrid Placement
Individuals with so much fancy for arts of the same sizes will opt for grid placement or symmetric display. This display provides a classic appeal and consistency. In grid placement, the art collections are also required to share a common element. It’s also great for collections with the same sizes and orientation. The collections are placed at equal spacing on a common line. You may consider starting or ending your grid placement at the same level with your window frame. Another idea is to place two equal sized collections at the two sides of an architectural design or conspicuous object in your space such as a shelf or table. A combination of our Krishna with flute painting and Radha Krishna face painting with a perfect symmetric side by side placement sandwiched by an object is a typical example.

The Lean or Shelf PlacementThe Lean or Shelf Placement
Displaying your art by leaning them in steps provides the opportunity to swap the collections easily at any time. In this artful arrangement, you may choose works which vary in sizes and orientation to achieve a more flexible look. Other decors such as handcrafted décors could also be displayed on the shelf aside from your paintings such as our Buddha in meditation, drawings or a photograph.

The Focal Point PlacementThe Focal Point Placement
Focal point display allows you to make a statement using your collection. A focal point is created on your wall space by placing an adorable décor such as our 3D Flower Painting with Frame with Mount at the center of other decors. Your focal point décor may also be a fanciful wall clock. One of the best places to use this artful display is the wall behind your 3-in-one sofa or reading table.


Top-down Placement
The artful nature of this placement is the fact that all your wall décors will start at a common line from the top and end at a common line by the sides. The internal arrangement and type of art do not matter. It could feature an eye fetching water fall painting with your photographs, drawings, portraits, prints for a modern vignette or a  large metal tree wall art. The arrangement is always very artful.

Metal Tree Wall Art

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