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Elegant & Easy Curtain Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows

Window treatments can make a focal point in your home by depicting a touch of class and elegance. It can call for attention while still providing natural lighting to accentuate other decors in your living space like your beautiful wall arts. From the use of decorative synthetic plant hanger to the display of figurine statue for a perfect blend with your beautiful curtain designs, DecorifyLife has the perfect DIY ideas.

You can give your windows classy treatments spending just a few bucks or nothing with the following DIY ideas.


Braced with bracelet

The brackets and cuffs that we use to keep up with fashion are not bound to be worn. Many of them give a perfect size for clinching drapery panels with a single width. Select cuffs and brackets with colours that go with the curtain design and put them to use creatively as tiebacks. Place the cuffs and brackets around drapery panels allowing them to hang freely. A curtain with mono or dual colour like our grey curtainwill be very suitable for this DIY idea. You can also make the tiebacks more permanent by using Velcro to attach them to the wall.
Take away the emptiness

Take away the emptiness

If your window always makes you feel it’s just dry and empty this DIY idea is for you. Adding flesh to the look would be great with a floral design. Consider using a decorative plant hanger to demonstrate your desire for something fresh. You can also choose to protrude your plant to create a lovely shadow and more elegance by using a bracket hanger with hanging coir pot. Any of the additions to your window space will give an elegant finishing with any premium curtain like our brown polyester.

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Make toy storage

The space above your window can be used to make an expression instead of leaving it to waste while your window looks dull. Pretty Handy Girl fan, Brittany built a storage space for display above the custom window in her son’s room. You can use this space to place a nice-looking figurine statue. She simply hung a wooden rod from the shelf with a rope, and the design looks gorgeous with grommet curtains. This window treatment will make a pleasant look with many ornamentals such as our Rajasthani couples statue or children’s toy depending on where you have the window.

Vintage Doorknob Tieback

Your window treatments will welcome an unexpected aspect and still provide elegant custom finish if you use vintage door knobs as curtain tiebacks. It is very cost effective and suitable for various curtain designs. Consider choosing door knobs that go with other decors in your space. A transparent door knob makes a focal point with our elite eyelet green polyester.

Leather Belt or necktie Tieback

You can make a fashion statement on your window using a vintage leather belt or necktie to have a hold of your curtains. Your belt should be solid or mixed with patterns that makes eclectic look. Any necktie colour that blends with your curtains will be ideal. But consider using solid colors for patterned curtains such as our decorative jute panel maroon curtain. Patterned tiebacks should go with solid or a vertically patterned curtain

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