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Eco-friendly products you can buy to reduce plastic pollution

Reducing plastic waste is the best place to start any green initiative, and that cannot be achieved without our individual efforts. Plastic waste is a big challenge to our environment, to say the least, and everyday somehow, you contribute to the staggering growth of waste in the ocean. About one hundred thousand marine mammals and a million seabirds die every year from plastic pollution in our ocean, reports EcoWatch. And by 2050, plastic waste in the ocean will outweigh the entire marine creatures. This is a troubling fact considering how each of us is indirectly eliminating the marine species. You can play a part to save the marine species by buying eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly products, also known as environmentally friendly products or green products are those products that don’t harm our environment in all its different life cycle: production, use or disposal. Hence, green products help in preserving our environment.

Achieving a zero-waste lifestyle may be difficult for some persons. But that should not discourage you from contributing the little you can. Be sure to have saved a life in the aquatic environment for every ton of plastic waste saved by using eco-friendly products.

List of Eco-friendly products to buy.

Wooden shesham finish wooden bowl product

Wooden Bowl

You are definitely not going to use those bowls forever, and where does it go when you’re done with them? That’s why you need to buy eco-friendly bowls. A wooden bowl is 100% environmental friendly while also looking fanciful and promote healthy living.

Wooden planters and Vases

Beautifying your home will always require vases, flower planters,and decorative pots. Consider buying green products for all in this category. A well-polished wooden planter will serve this purpose for both outdoor and indoor flower decorations.

Eco-friendly cups

As much as you are going green, avoiding disposable cups is very necessary. While buying tea or coffee cups next time, insist on buying eco-friendly cups made traditionally. They serve the same purpose while providing a very natural finish.

Wooden fruit basket and fruit box

Displaying your fruits would even be more enticing using a well-polished fruit basket while also giving the fruit a natural ambient. A wooden fruit bowl is also available if you don’t want something revealing.While storing your dry fruits, consider buying eco-friendly fruit box.

Eco Friendly Wall Clocks

Wooden wall clock

When last did you change your wall clock?The carcass could take over 1,000 years to finally disintegrate and that’s quite depressing. Insisting on wooden design clocks is a way of playing your part to cut down plastic pollution.

Sheets printed with vegetable dye

Are your bedsheets, table mats, napkins,and pillow cases printed with vegetable dye? That’s one way to go green. Consider going as eco-friendly as possible by buying green products for all prints include your rugs. We have a list of hand printed products using the natural, vegetable dye.

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