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Diwali Decoration: Take Your Home from Everyday to Diwali

There’s more to Diwali decorations than twinkling lights hung with care.

Whether you’re a hostess with the mostest or a broke college student, life is exceptionally better with glimmering lights, festive diyas and candles, iridescent rangoli and garlands atop the porch. And while Diwali is no simple feat by any means – the never-ending pour of mocktails, all the Gulab Jamuns and Kaju Katli, and friends of friends – it’s the one gathering of the year where we enjoy decorating to our heart’s content.

We love hearing how others are celebrating the festive season, so we asked our in-house experts at DecorifyLife to share their favorite Diwali decoration ideas. Read on and get inspired – and don’t forget to show us how you’re transforming your space for Diwali by tagging #DecorifyLife.

Lamps and Lights for Diwali Decoration

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Grand and Exquisite

The timeless appeal, the floral appearance, that sugary aroma of sweets mixed with crackers in the crisp, winter air…nothing feels more ebullient than Diwali. But it’s more than just flowers and crackers. “You guessed it – floral elements can be involved to create an ornamental backdrop using garlands, topiaries and swags made up of marigold, rose, lilies, eucalyptus, and mango leaves,” says Iryna, our in-house creative specialist. “Create a layered look on the walls, patio, balconies or terrace for extra color and texture.”

Mix in some string lights to add a somber glow to your home if you’re not planning on putting diyas and candles. There’s nothing quite like pulling together a stylish celebration without flowers.

Pick a theme

“You want to feel traditional but with a sense of whimsy,” says Amit, our in-house social media manager. “To pull off this vibe, start with classic Diwali decor and layer on fanciful details inspired by local handicraft – think crystal diyas with kundan artwork nestled among the rangoli, on the stairs, or the patio.”

Diwali is the one occasion to look back and celebrate all other get-togethers you’ve pulled together with your friends and family. For a nostalgic touch, lights can be accented with floral arrangements and gorgeous centerpieces- it can be a whimsical look inspired by handicrafts from an exotic place you may have visited this year.

Fandango Crystal Diya with T-Light (Set of 4)

Consider lots of colors

When considering Diwali decoration ideas, there’s no need to stick to a single color scheme throughout your space. For our client manager Mona’s house, she kept the theme of festive decorations consistent but picked three distinct color palettes, so each room was filled with decor in all things cream, burgundy and charcoal.

“I was looking for a variety of shades that work with my home’s subtle color palette,” says Mona who believes the colors you pick reflect how you live at any other time of the year. On the dinner table, she paired Large Scallop Round Cheese Platter with Salt-n-Pepper Wide Barrel Bead Wrap Napkin Ring. “These aren’t just seasonal staples, you can use the platters for Diwali, New Year’s and all other important celebrations,” she says.

Mona also suggests investing in a few art pieces as part of your Diwali decorations. Statues and figurines and paintings are an easy way to deck up your space.

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