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Diwali Decor Guide: Tips for a Festive Home Makeover!

Allow us to help you get started with planning by providing a wide range of Diwali decoration ideas. The biggest Indian festival of the year – Diwali – is around the corner and it’s time to begin preparations (nudge, nudge if you haven’t already!). That said, here at DecorifyLife we believe it’s pertinent to add decor items which will not just add a distinct character to your home during Diwali, but even after the festive season is over. The appreciations from guests will definitely add bonus to your smiles.

List of Diwali Decoration Ideas

Door Decor

Greet your guests with welcoming door decor items and leave them awestruck right at the entrance of the home. Hang a handmade toran, hand-painted Ganesha mural painting, or a wooden board carved with ‘Welcome.’

Glass and metal 5 leaf serving tray

Wall Hangings

The exquisite wall hangings reflect the personality of people living in the home. With cute picture frames, big vintage wall art with background lights, Radha Krishna paintings or folk wall painting, give your home a facelift this festive.

Serving Plate

Diwali is all about sweets, dry-fruits, chocolates and deep-fried snacks. And thus, a very common yet the most important addition to Diwali shopping list is a serving plate. It’s not so difficult to find serving plates of different shapes, material, and set in varied arrangements- vertical/ horizontal in the market. This festive season serve lip-smacking sweets in striking beautiful kitchenware.

Ganesha wooden mural painting for diwali decoration ideas


If you are looking for Diwali decoration ideas particularly for your living room, you may either go for a unique striking décor article to be placed in an entirely separate corner like a large-sized gem studded statue or an abstract-shaped figurine which blends with background.


Last but not the least, get new cushions to adorn your sofas and beds. Mix and match large and small-sized pillows to create a harmonized visual appeal. Decorative cushions are a way to add colors and brighten up your living room, same like what Diwali brings for us.

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