Decor Ideas for a Chic New Year’s Eve Party

Every home needs festive and dazzling New Year’s Eve party ideas to welcome the New Year in a grand style. Well, it’s all about sparking decorations, stunning tableware, elegance centerpieces, New Year Eve party games, and so on! It doesn’t matter if you require New Year’s Eve party ideas that are budget-friendly or a little pricey, we at DecorifyLife will always offer you the best treat for every budget and style without sacrificing any fun.

To wrap things up, your guests should all come with their crazy noisemakers which they’ll dance around with, take hilarious photos, play games, and have appetizers. You guys will break the toast with champagne once its twelve o’clock and feast on a midnight supper. Sounds great right? Here are the New Year’s Eve party ideas.

Make an Iconic New Year’s Eve by hanging lengths of Curled Ribbon

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Your New Year’s Eve décor ideas begin with eye-catchy curled ribbon dangling almost every corner. It looks great everywhere even though it’s very easy to make. See if you can use the wider variety that’s about ½ inch thick. Scatter a few curls on your well-decorated dining table and hang it on your doorways, lamps or light fixtures, mantles, wall paintings, even on the mirror in your bathroom. I’m sure you also want to design something artistic depicting the New Year you’re celebrating. That’s it!

Ask guests to bring a crazy noisemaker

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Who would steal the show with the craziest noisemaker? You’ve got a contest here. Everyone needs to showcase what they can do with their unique noisemakers while you video them, it’s a “craziest noisemaker” contest and there’s a need to find out who wins. A photographer can do the video recording. This can be done while a song is playing loudly and everyone queues up to showcase at a particular stand. Replay the video of each person with their noisemaker let the crowd see and vote for the winner. The winner should be presented with a simple prize, such as a decorative dance trophy. You should get everyone together for the big midnight countdown using your unique symphony.

Have a midnight supper

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Your guest should all move to the dining after the midnight toast for a midnight supper. You can offer them a baked potato bar; it’s a good meal that’s easy and inexpensive. Here’s how you make that.

  • Once it’s 10:30 pm, you should put the potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees. They should be done around 11:00 pm
  • Provide a variety of toppings: chopped scallions, chives, chili, steamed broccoli, shredded cheese, mushrooms, jalapenos, bacon bits, sour cream, butter, etc. and allow your guests to load as many potatoes as they want. I’m sure you’d love to give them beautiful serving trays for the buffet.

The menu is quite reasonable for a hearty supper. You may consider making a cheesecake if you want to spend more.

These New Year’s Eve party ideas should allow you to have a very nice one with your guests. However, you must not allow any of your guests to drive home impaired! It’s not just to keep your friends safe, to stay clear from legal liability for their drunk driving.

Its either you allow the intoxicated friends sleep over by taking their car keys or you call a cab to take them home. For those overnight guests, they can have eggs, bacon, and coffee for breakfast to begin the New Year Party.

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