Creative Ideas for Kids Room Decor

Kids room decor is a creative, fun and an interesting task and of course, most responsible too! It’s important to remember that kids room decor is a dynamic design concept. The kids room will require change as the children grow. Even their tastes and necessities evolve with times which also need to be considered.

Lion design kids flor covering

In fact, the basic rules of interior designing may take a backseat while fulfilling the wishes of your children. Yet there are few basic design elements of kids room decor that you should keep in mind:

Ideas for Kids Room Decor

1) The kids room has to be colorful. It should reflect liveliness. There should be enough light and empty space in the room.

2) Every element in the kids room, be it seating, storage, bedding or furnishing should have maximum utilization properties. For example, the furniture in the kids room should be durable, reusable as well as multi-functional.

3) As they say, “each home tells who lives in it”, similarly the kids room décor should resemble the personality (gender/age/interests) of your children.

Following this, divide your kids room into four domains – playing zone, study area, sleeping section, and lastly, shelving and storage. And start implementing each principle in each domain.

Let’s see various kids room decor ideas which will bring the widest smile on your children’s face.

Colorful Flooring

The handmade rugs or carpets with attractive big patterns like balloons, alphabets or smileys will add a fascinating touch to the boring tiled-floorings. Coming to multi-utility, these rugs are made with premium quality wool & viscose (art silk) which stay soft on your kids’ feet.

Cushion covers for Kids room decor

Cozy Sleeping Zone

There is one product of kids bedroom for which parents must involve their kids while taking the final call and that’s bedsheets for their rooms. The store is full of variety of bedsheets based on kids-favourite themes like cartoons, super hero, Disney girl, beach and many more.

For winters, you can also go for handmade quilts with pastel tones and a beautiful butterfly motif and or a cute pink-coloured kitty kids blanket convertible into a soft handy bag.

Picture-theme Cushion

Brighten up your kids room decor with abstract picture-theme cushions such as pink owls, circus seal, Unicorn or Frozen Girl. You can also personalize these cushions with your kids names or inspiring quotations. These little cushions made with 100% cotton are also good option for gifting purpose.

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