Create a cozy bedroom look for the holiday season

Create a cozy bedroom look for the holiday seasonAs you gear up to extend your moments at home in this season, it would be unpleasant not to have a cozy bedroom as the corner to get the rest. The refreshing feeling and contentment of having winded up the year will be missing when your bedroom is not comfortable enough. And that special flavor a cozy bedroom brings is the most promoting factor in every holiday.

Most people would prefer to cushion up their seats as a measure to deal with the winter; just to ensure that they get warm enough. Some would add  accent lighting and change their curtains using stronger fabrics or something cold-repelling, while more would opt for the use of thick fabrics or shaggy blankets. Read below for cool ideas to create a cozy bedroom for a maximum comfort in this holiday season.

Make your bed attractive

Your bed is where you often relax each time you want a more relaxing position. This means you must make the bed attractive to lure you always for relaxation each time you walk into your bedroom. Of course, it’s a season to relax and to get as warm as possible due to winter. The following are important while making your bed attractive.

  • Choose bright colored linens such as white or cream to create an excitement and luring texture
  • Use pillows with beading and ideal for reading to improve the classiness
  • Choose several blankets with different textures that can serve at winter nights

Create an appealing corner

Sometimes it’s fascinating to curl up in a corner where we have a different view of our bedroom. The corner may offer a special memory of being somewhere new in your bedroom during the season. And nothing will interest you more than taking a warm spot with your favorite book on a stormy winter evening. Your appealing corner would be nice if created somewhere you can have an outdoor view. Below are steps to create the corner.

  • Place a shaggy rug to cover the entire corner for an ambient shield from the freezing floor.
  • Add a cushion and pouf to create a barrier between your body and the floor for a regular warm feeling.
  • Choose soft textiles with cream or white colors and place on the corner. You may also consider adding a lighting décor at the corner.

Light up your bedroom

Using a collection of soft flickering candles or accent lamps will provide the good feelings of holiday and a cozy bedroom.It’s subtle décor that will enhance the features in your bedroom at nights and provide a different look during the day.

  • Choose flameless candles that can last all the night when you fall asleep enjoying looks of the winter décor. For accent lighting décor, your choice of lamps should be something fanciful or eye-catching.
  • Place the candles asymmetrically (different heights and colors) to provide a dynamic display. Your accent lamps should also vary in sizes and symbolic to the holiday season.
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