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5 Secrets of Blending the Ambience of Your Living Room

As a place where guests are entertained or conversed with, the ambience of your living room is never to be compromised. A living room should be relaxing, full of warmth aside from being welcoming. These can be controlled by choosing the perfect painting for your living room. It’s not enough to just hang a beautiful painting on the wall; the blending achieved by choosing the perfect painting based on theme, color, and style to augment the aesthetic appeal is all it takes. How do you consider all these? Harmonizing your painting with the living room interior involves a lot of thinking. But we have made it a lot easier here at DecorifyLife – by leaking the secrets.

five (5) tips on how to choose the perfect painting for your living room.

Redeem the style and theme

Ignoring the style and theme of your living room while selecting a painting can create a deep hole of imbalance. For instance, a painting with traditional setting or a heritage painting should be used in a living room with a vintage look and antique decor. A living room that’s culturally styled should be hanged with painting such as Radha Krishna paintings. In the same manner, surreal and abstract paintings will be wise for a living room with contemporary furniture.

Radha Krishna perfect painting for living room

Harmonize your palette

Selecting a painting within your established palette; colors that can go with your living room interior is very important. They can’t be off because they have the perfect message. Ensure that the painting of your choice harmonizes with the colors and tones of the wall. Choosing a painting with vivid or bright colors will be wise for a living room with neutral color scheme. A mild colored painting will be ideal for a living room with bold colors.

Track the frame

The purpose of having a frame is to focus viewers’ attention on the painting. But this is not necessary for every setting and you must put this into consideration while choosing a painting. Your frame should not only blend with the painting but also the living room furniture, for paintings that need to be framed. Though there are no rules for choosing frame,this must be considered while choosing a painting. We found out that a painting without frame is suitable for a living room with bold colors.

Optimize the wall space

Choosing a painting also means the right size for the right space. You must measure your space beforehand to decide how much cover that should be assigned for your painting.Also, hanging paintings on each wall of your living room is not completely ideal. Narrow spaces or your living room entryway can be very much ideal to fit a vertical artwork or a number of horizontal paintings depending on how much space you have on the wall.

Include accent lighting

For you to draw the required attention with the painting in your living room, your lighting must be arranged to illuminate the painting. Consider creating new light spots that will increase the visibility of your painting, mostly from the angle of your choice. This can easily be achieved with fanciful wall lights. Use a broader lighting to illuminate an oil painting to avoid unwanted shadows and intense spotlight for other paintings with poor light reflection.

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