5 Low-Cost Home Décor Tips & Ideas

We often believe that only professional home stagers can hide our home’s flaws, bring out its strengths, and make it appealing to everyone. That’s not completely true. And improving your home decor does not only depend on how much creative you are, ideas can be shared. With the following home decor tips and ideas, your home will look great while you spend very less or nothing. Decorifylife often review home decor tips with professionals to not only ascertain how best to improve your home decoration but to unlock low-cost DIY home decor tips based on decoration trends.

We have five (5) simple home decor ideas on our list that will elevate your home quality by bringing out the best looks in your living space.

Arrange your sofa in groupings that invite conversation

Furniture placed with the aim of achieving intimacy and sense of balance makes a great look and appealing in any living space. A Dallas-based stager said, “A conversation area that has a U-shape, with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or an H-shape, with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle, is ideal.” You’ll appreciate the decoration if you place enough pillows with varied colours of cushion covers. Consider not to push your furniture against the wall in search of more space. We will recommend that you combine our art printed and the jaipuri designer cushion covers.


Place your artworks somewhat low

Artworks essentially say a lot about our perception and values. Placing them really high will be a bad idea and reduces the presence they command. Consider placing well-designed artworks asymmetrical to make a step beginning or ending at other decor heights such as your door and table lamps. Our yellow theme graphic painting or set of 3 UV textured flora painting are excellent choices for asymmetric art placing.

yellow theme graphic painting

Place a centre rug with furniture feet match

Handmade rugs always add exceptional beauty to our living space. Consider anchoring the feet of all your furniture on a nicely woven rug such as our flat weave modern rug. You should also use rugs designed for kid’s bedroom at the centre of your child’s room, such as our homemade tufted MickeyMouse design.

Lay your lighting

While you are decorating your home with different items, you should understand that they lack value if appropriate lighting is unavailable. You should have at least 3 watts per square foot for a living room. This is necessary to highlight all decorations such as your wall arts or interior building design. Choose hanging lights that are bright enough such as our ball lamp with banana fibre, if your living space does not allow enough natural light. Also, consider mild coloured wall lamps for accent lighting to improve item presence.

Raise your ceiling with virtual tricks

If your ceiling is low, then you have a choice of making it look high by placing your drapes slightly higher than normal. Paint your ceiling white and place your curtains higher, suggests a New Jersey-based designer, Lara Allen-Brett. Consider using vertical stripes design such as our quality finishing blue curtain; the lines visually elongate your walls.

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