3 ways to dress your dining table

3 Ways To Dress Your Dining Table

Are you among the individuals that would wait until the next dinner party to dress their dining tables? Well, let’s be sincere here. A good reason why we leave our dining tables empty and dry is that we lack the creativity most times or we don’t have the items we desire. It can be bored to have the same piece of decoration for so long. Yes! Our dining tables are supposed to look special every moment; not just during special occasions. This suggests the need of knowing many ways of dressing your dining table.

How about bringing fresh flowers every week to your vase? That sounds exciting but too demanding, right? Though, the use of weekly fresh flowers is not the only way to keep your dining table elegant. On our list are three ways to dress your dining table. They are quite simple and require just a few items.

Flower PortDecorate with Potted plants

The idea of having a fresh flower on our dining tables remains pleasurable and appealing. But making this a realistic goal does not only imply providing fresh flowers weekly. Planting something like rosemary in a ceramic pot such as our paras magic green flower pot will give an adorable look while also providing the natural freshness required on your dining table. Please ensure to use a flower that does not need too much attention to survive – rosemary is just perfect.

Decorate with Table Cloth and a Tea Set

Your table design may look just lovely. But having a look for many weeks can be boring and make the decoration too static. Our multi-color table cover will bring an exquisite look to your dining table.

The colorful designs of the cloth will also provide a match with other décors for the dining table. Items like our chandelier serving tray or your potted plant will be perfect. We prefer using the cover with our Kaushalam tea set. The combination provides some level of personality even when you are not hosting anyone.

Table Cloth and Serving TrayDecorate with Candles Pillars and Vases

Anyone can bet your mind is going somewhere on this one. Yes! The decoration is beginning to sound romantic. Wow! Candle pillars? Yes! That’s what it is! You can skip the flowers and use decorative vases alone on your dining table. Choosing about three or more different sizes, shapes and colors of vases will provide a brilliant display.

Candles And Candle Pillars

These vases will blend well with our pillar candles or a set of white Egyptian cotton scented tea lights. Are you asking why the lights? Well, this dressing is impressive when you desire some sparks on your dining table. Those moments when you want to get the feel of something on your dining table before it happens.

Dressing your dining table does not require rigidity or a stick to one recipe as practiced in your kitchens. The perfect display can only come when you try something new.

On another note, you may iterate and combine the listed ways of dressing your dining table for a fascinating display. But it’s ideal to use decorations you can enjoy for many weeks or as long as you want before considering a new dressing.

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