3 Instagram-worthy ways to style your living room

No social media user would ever deny checking out some pictures on Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration on the ways to style up a living room. You too deserve to gain the credit for putting up one. Not just to flaunt your style or show off quality but to gain satisfaction as you rock new designs and wind off in a cozy bedroom, with nicely dressed cushion.

Nothing is more interesting in the morning when you wake up to get a glance of creative wall arts and nicely placed decorations. It calls for pictures,at least for reminders and to inspire a host of friends to join your elegance wagon. While some of your decors are not Instagram-worthy, it takes just a little tweak to steal the look in your living room for well-deserving Instagram-worthy photo shots.

Discover our three ways to style up your bedroom for Instagram-worthy outlook.


White Ball Table Lamp Shades Yarn with Golden Yarn And Wooden BaseYou would be wrong to think that every new look must be accompanied by a huge movement in your bedroom. Yes, the answer is no! You can steal the looks and get inspired daily if you make a large print of your favorite quote and place on your bedroom table. Now, that sounds appealing,right? The quote would be a bit bored if not garnished with pleasant accent lighting. You may consider placing a table lamp just by the print to draw your attention always. We have various table lamp designs that would be perfect.


Using a pure white flower pot to plant a single-coloured flower (like aloe vera) will make a great design. Consider wiping the flower leaves clean regularly to depict the deep green colour of the leaves and the tiny spots (if your choice is aloe vera). Our white ceramic table top planter pot will be great for this decoration. You may also consider our Cygnus planter which looks completely unique. If you’re not considering using a table for the decoration, then our hanging coir pot is a great option. It’s delivered together with well-fashioned bracket for an elegant look. Remember your flower needs to have one colour to promote uniqueness.

Planter Pot

How many paintings do you have? Well, it doesn’t matter how many you’ve got. It’s so much better if they don’t have the same design. Use a wall space to decorate various paintings in an asymmetric arrangement. They should just sit on the wall discordantly. No starting point and no end. But give space between two different artworks. Then consider placing an attractive painting in the middle, such as our 3-in-one paintings. Others could be anything else; could be your personal pictures, your child’s drawing, etc. Just spread them all over the wall space. But ensure they all have a single frame colour and there’s lighting from top to accentuate the décor. Our decorative hanging lamp will provide accent lighting and also focus on the decorations.

Painting and Hanging Lamp

Using one or more of the three ways outlined will surely style up your living bedroom for Instagram-worthy outlook.

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