10 Stylish and Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas

Few things are as nostalgia-inducing and glorious as skimming through Diwali decoration ideas. No matter if your traditions include a quick upholstery change, planning vibrant Rangoli using sand, flowers and diyas, or giving away gifts, the festival of lights is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Buying home decor is something we all like to indulge in, but that doesn’t mean you skip out on buying the finest Diwali decorations.

10 Classic Diwali Decoration Ideas

Here are our favorite takes on Diwali decoration ideas to help you give your home a complete makeover.

Creative lantern for diwali decoration ideas

Diwali Food Decoration Ideas

Start the festivities right off with setting up Diwali goodies and cookies in something traditional like the Wooden Serving Tray with Painting or the Ethnic Bell Metal Serving Tray. Take an idea from the DecorifyLife blog, and see if these are close to what you have in mind.

Buy Diwali Handicrafts

If you want to give your interior decor a traditional touch, then go with wooden handicrafts and furniture. Plenty of wooden handicraft items are available on DecorifyLife, where each product is the perfect blend of traditional art and modern luxury from artisans all over the country.

Candles and Lanterns

Never underestimate the beauty of fun and casual candles and lanterns. Lights can be fun to work in and the result always feels touching and mesmerizing.

Diwali Table Decor

Be it monochromatic or a generous color palette, an assortment of décor items centered around the theme always looks classic. A table centerpiece, vases, cheese platter and serving bowls is certain to please the crowd.

Diwali Kitchenware

Add wooden accents and layers to simple kitchen cabinets. Want to know one of our favorite details? We love adding charming kitchenware to give the space a modern-day makeover.

Diwali Door Decoration

Whether you have a grand hallway or a small foyer, there’s plenty you can do with your door. You can choose to hang door accents or handicrafts to give the entryway a stylish refresh.

Pooja Room Decoration

If there’s one place to truly decorate during Diwali, it’s your Pooja room. Bring to your Pooja room classic decor elements to add that Diwali spirit and beauty.

Key holder for diwali decoration

Diwali Decoration Ideas Using Antiques

There’s an easy way to do Diwali decoration and it isn’t always about buying modern decor items. With the right antique decor you can make a bold statement.

Style Your Bedroom

From piling on cushions to placing rugs for cold feet, you can give your bedroom a finished, designer look. Layer on with a runner or a rug, and give your bedroom a plush texture.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Office

Decorate the office with colorful lights and multi-colored Rangoli. You can create a beautiful ambience using streamers, paper rosettes and balloons.

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