Adorable Designer Unique Pebbles With Quirky Print Letters Wall Decor Set Of 2

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These pebble set are very unique authentic and charming they have a very detailed hand-painted design on the white base on the stones adds h charming and rustic vibes to it the classy design of teat kettle which has been made and painted in the old design of tea kettle and has a very beautiful and esthetic red colour floral design which makes it alluring. one of the pebble have a 'chai' and 'kadaki' printed on it in a very vibrant and colourful font, this stone is in a very smooth and proper shape of circle which makes it stand out from other shape stones. the other stone is in an oval shaped stone designed with colorful and attractive yellow and red colours, where the word 'chill' has been written in an eye-catching colour red on the base of white which has a yellow colour with floral prints on it which makes it very different, natural themed and floral concept. adds a bit of quirk to your decor space with these pebbles in quirky print


Note: If the Item you are ordering is fragile in nature kindly take a video while opening the package

Return Policy

Handle with extreme care as they are very fragile can be broken easily the colour will not come off so don't worry, just wipe it with dry cloth. this is easily wipeable so don't wash it with water any any liquid-soap and always use a soft cloth for cleaning the stones. Production Time for this product is 7 days.
More Information
Material Stone
Size (inches) 4 X 1.5 X 3.5
product_color White Base
Weight (kgs) 1.000000
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