About DecorifyLife

About Decorify Life

Pliny the Elder has famously quoted ‘Home is where the heart is.’ Without having a single moment of doubt, everyone agrees to the fact. We, at DecorifyLife, have made sure to provide you, our customers with an extraordinary and exemplary selection of ultra-glam, vintage, contemporary, luxurious, and stylish home décor elements online. Whatever you crave for when it comes to Home Décor, we have everything here at the same place arranged for you, from Wall Shelves, to Photo Frames, to Vintage Décor, to Garden Décor, to Home Fragrances, and much more amongst other things.

Home-makers demand a well-designed, unique, good quality, fascinating, and competitively priced Home décor items. People around the world are looking out for a solution, which could help them cultivate their homes artistically and beautifully, without too much of a hassle. Existing brands are either poor in service and quality or too expensive.

Wondering if we could offer a better solution, the founders and staff of DecorifyLife spent a considerable amount of time understanding the very basics of the home décor industry, from the stage of raw materials through the manufacturing process to packing and shipping the home décor products across India. After having rigorous discussions and trials, and intense planning with the top manufacturers across the globe, and based on the thousands of customer interviews, we narrowed down on a fixed solution, which could get excellent products, manufactured at a great price that customers would find fascinating and practical. And thus, the course of action for DecorifyLife was born. We, at DecorifyLife, present to you our elements for home décor, which we will strive to enhance every single day as the wheel of time goes on gyrating.

DecorifyLife’s vision is to set universal benchmarks for unique products, honest best practices, and fabulous customer experiences.

Our Motive and Values


At every step in our journey, we consider indulging into every detail to provide excellence in every initiative we take. Thousands of such small gestures ensure that all customers are provided with a great service and home décor elements, suitable to their requirements.

Consumer Obsession

At the end of every interaction with us, DecorifyLife consistently strives to ensure that our consumers are left satisfied and delighted. If consumers have any feedback and suggestions, which could help improve our services or interaction, we are all ears and we will be happy to hear from you.

Transparency and Honesty

We are very transparent on our work-related policies and services. We set premium on ensuring that our information is shared honestly with all investors, customers, and stakeholders.

Become Our Partner

Become Our Partner

We keep adding exquisite latest products to our home décor range to aid our customers transforming their homes into a beautiful place to live. If you are interested in joining our journey towards cultivating beautiful homes all over by partnering with us, drop an email to us at [email protected]

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